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OLLEREG is perfect for environmental allergies without the inconvenience of side effects from medications, frequent doctor visits or painful injections from allergy shots. OLLEREG is great for kids and fun to use. Breathe Clearer, Sleep Better, Eat Freely, Enjoy Pets & Live Normal Again!!!

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Environmental Allergy Treatment

Oral Allergy Syndrome

oas oral allergy syndrome food allergy

Oral allergy syndrome, also known as pollen-food syndrome,is caused by cross-reacting allergens found in both pollen and raw fruits, vegetables, or some tree nuts. The immune system recognizes the pollen and similar proteins in the food and directs an allergic response to it. People affected by oral allergy syndrome can usually eat the same fruits or vegetables in cooked form because the proteins are distorted during the heating process, so that the immune system no longer recognizes the food.

Pollen Allergy

ragweed tree grass pollen allergy

Allergy to tree, grass and weed pollen is usually seasonal but can be debilitating to many people. During those seasons that can last for several months, the pollen can trigger allergic symptoms affecting the nose, eyes, lungs and skin. Subsequently, they can have increased susceptibility to infections. While many patients get relief with antihistamines and nasal steroid spray, others do not benefit or are unable to tolerate the side effects of the medications. Allergy shot is an effective treatment, but can be an inconvenience due to the injection pain and frequent office visit.

Pet Allergy

dog cat pet dander allergy

Having a pet allergy is devastating, because it would mean that you or your child can’t own a pet or in the worse case have to get rid of it. An indoor pet can cause allergic symptoms year-round and often times difficult to treat with medications. For some pets such as cats, their dander can persist for many months after the pet is gone.

Indoor Allergy

mold rodent dust mite cockroach toxic indoor allergy

Indoor allergy can be extremely problematic, because it typically causes perennial allergic symptoms. While rodents and cockroaches can be eradicated, dust mites and molds are quite challenging. These indoor allergens can worsen asthma, cause sinusitis and exacerbate eczema. Patients are frequently on several medications with only partial symptom relief.

Breathe Clearer, Sleep Better, Eat Freely, Enjoy Pets & Live Happily!!!

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oral sublingual immunotherapy

An Innovative Oral Allergen Immunotherapy

OLLEREG utilizes a spray delivery method for wide dispersion to contact various lymphoid regions in the mouth.

It contains a novel, patent-pending natural adjuvant to boost immune tolerance and allergy relief. OLLEREG is formulated with allergens specific to you in a plant-based glycerin solution. Oral and sublingual immunotherapy (OIT/SLIT) has been used for over two decades worldwide. OLLEREG is unique in its adjuvant and delivery system for allergen desensitization.

Convenient Oral Allergy Treatment

OLLEREG is perfect for adults and kids without disrupting your busy schedule. Just one simple spray in the morning before you step out the door and a second one in the evening. Soon you will feel relief from those annoying allergy symptoms without the side effects and inconvenience of avoidance, medications and injections.

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Why endure the anxiety, pain and inconvenience of the needle from allergy shots when you can have a fun treatment with OLLEREG? One spray into the mouth twice daily, anytime, anywhere. Now that’s COOL!

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Treatment Information

oral food allergy treatment
  1. Contact us below or send email to [email protected] to start your treatment with OLLEREG. Informed consent is required prior to treatment.
  2. Depending on your clinical history and laboratory results, repeat allergy testing might be necessary.
  3. OLLEREG will be formulated with allergen(s) consistent with your diagnosis and allergy results.
  4. You will administer one spray into the mouth twice daily and wait for 15 minutes before eating or drinking. For food allergy, the first spray for each new dose has to be done at an allergist’s office. 
  5. Each month you will receive a new set with higher concentrations of the allergen(s).
  6. Depending on your level of sensitivity, it may take up to one year to reach maintenance dose.
  7. OLLEREG is affordable with satisfaction guarantee.
  8. OLLEREG contains FDA-approved allergens used off label for oral immunotherapy.


Oral immunotherapy has been used for over 20 years worldwide with a great safety profile. The most common side effect from oral or sublingual immunotherapy is itchiness in the mouth. Occasionally there might be mild mouth swelling, stomach discomfort, and rashes but extremely rare to have anaphylaxis which would require an epinephrine auto-injector. Each patient is unique. The treatment with OLLEREG will be tailored specifically to each patient’s allergic sensitivity and other medical conditions.


There are several known and still undefined mechanisms of allergic development. Even with allergy shots, only around 35% of people will achieve a prolonged relief, 35% will have significant benefit but still require periodic medications, and 30% will experience no improvement in their symptoms. With OLLEREG, the effectiveness is similar to allergy shots, but without the pain, inconvenience and side effects.

Clinical Trials

EoE Food Desensitization: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02881372

This is a single-center, prospective, pilot clinical trial in which children ages 3-17 years with eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) who have a known food that triggers EoE flares receive oral desensitization with that specific food antigen, followed by reintroduction of that food into the diet. The purpose of this study is to investigate the safety and feasibility of oral desensitization in children with EoE so that, if determined to be safe, can be repeated on a larger scale to determine efficacy.


Q1: Has there been a clinical trial for OLLEREG on food allergy?

A1: We plan to have a clinical trial in the near future. We are currently seeking funding.

Q2:  What is your protocol for food allergy treatment?

A2: Phase 1 is with OLLEREG over a 6 month period. A new dose is increased every 2 weeks. Phase 2 is with the actual food ingestion starting with 1/128th the age appropriate serving size. The patient will ingest a specific amount twice daily. This amount is doubled weekly. On the 8th week, the patient will reach the full serving size.

Q3: Can OLLEREG be done at home without a doctor’s supervision for food allergy?

A3: It will depend on the type of reaction. If the reaction is strictly hives and eczema, OLLEREG can be performed at home with monitoring by an allergist. If the reaction is anaphylaxis or if there is any concern for anaphylaxis, the first dose of each bottle needs to be performed at an allergist’s office with the ability to treat anaphylaxis. All patients are required to have an epinephrine auto-injector with demonstration of proper usage.

Q4: Is there safety and efficacy data on OLLEREG for food allergy?

A4: We are currently accumulating these data. We have many patients at different stages of Phase 1. So far, only one patient with severe shellfish allergy developed rhinitis and conjunctivitis that resolved after 30 minutes. The patient developed this brief reaction on the first spray of a new bottle during the 4th month of Phase 1.

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Myself and all my kids have been using it for one year and our allergies are much better. The darkness under our eyes has gone away.

Houston, TX

Dr. Tran shows great care and compassion for my children. He listens to their concerns and does a great job of alleviating their anxiety regarding their food allergies. They totally prefer this treatment over others that involve many shots.

Austin, TX

I just see OLLEREG as liquid gold. It is really helping my child’s allergies.

Sugar Land, TX

My son sleeps much better because he can breathe!

Sugar Land, TX

Started OLLEREG treatment on our 3 year old girl for dog and cat allergy. Can’t wait until we can have dogs again. So far she is tolerating OLLEREG without any problem.

Austin, TX

He is loving the treatment and can’t wait to eat peanuts.

Clearwater, FL

Incredible! After one year on OLLEREG for peanut allergy, my boy is now eating peanuts. No more anxiety and Epipen!

Houston, TX

Houston, Texas

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Oral Allergy Treatment

OLLEREG is perfect for adults and kids without disrupting your busy schedule. Just one simple spray in the morning before you step out the door and a second one in the evening. Soon you will feel relief from those annoying allergy symptoms without the side effects and inconvenience of avoidance, medications and injections.
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